July 19, 2017

Thursday Tree Love -10

These trees are at my work place, I see them every day; from various angles and they look awesome. The first image is just near to the entrance of the building, and the second one is the same tree from a close up view.

It’s interesting to watch this trees as it is always surrounded by students who come here to meet the principal/dean and sit on the rocks near this tree. I see them waiting, busy with cell phones, sometimes even having lunch. I also find them with little babies with caretakers under this tree feeding them and putting them to sleep under this tree; while their moms are busy meeting their guides for the research work.

I see these trees everyday and admire the way its standing huge and tall and always wanted to take a picture; I do not like to click when there are people around the tree, causing them discomforts. So one morning early hours, before any student came in, I quickly clicked a few pictures of this tree after parking my bike in the parking space.

I am blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful trees, which constantly inspire me to be like them: provide space for those students who need my help, calm them down when they are unable to deal with their emotions of anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, regrets and sadness, help them to connect with their innermost part, to find peace within and assist them to befriend and find beauty in themselves.

“Look within you

The fight is within you

And the resolution is within you

Within you is the source of hope and clarity

Within you is the source of peace.”

Prem Rawat.

Thursday Tree love  is a photo feature on Parul’s blog if you are interested, post a picture of a tree on your blog and link back to her post.

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Thank you for being here, may you be blessed!

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