December 13, 2017

Tree Love 25 – Beauty of a Tree

“Everything has beauty; not everyone sees it” Confucius. 

Few weeks ago I went to for a pedicure and to trim my hair a little as it has been long time since I took care of myself. This place is one of my favorite as it’s a busy place, and there are plenty of women who come in here for various services available for them specially the ones who are working and find very little time for themselves. A visit to the beauty parlor is not only a feel good factor for me; but also helps me appreciate myself boosting my confidence. 

The girls here are hard working and well trained beauticians, from the north eastern part of our country.  The best part is that they exactly understand the needs and accordingly work with each person, giving a lot of personal attention. I love to visit this place at least once in a month and rejuvenate myself soaking my legs in hot water and allowing these young energetic girls to pamper my feet, trimming my nails, polishing them and massaging with so much care and attention. It’s worth visiting this place and with reasonable charges, and most important the girls are very friendly, helpful and work happily.

It was my usual routine to visit and parlor was full; as some of the girls have gone for a short holiday, so I had to sit outside and wait till one of the girls were relieved. While sitting outside the parlor so many thoughts came to my mind and I was admiring the work of these young girls who are so committed in their work, helping women feel good and beautiful about themselves J

While waiting I saw a tree just at the side and I clicked these pictures from the first floor, as it appeared so beautiful and for the rest of the time I was just staring at these beautiful tree and admiring every branch. The light shining through these branches; the dark black trunk and the green leaves with different angles were giving an aesthetic look.

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