November 9, 2017

Welcoming Trees from the Osmania University, Hyderabad :) Tree Love 23

The trees on the road side standing like guard of honor, right from the moment you enter the university campus till the exit of that road, you will find beautiful trees on either side of the road welcoming every one – for me it looks like a greeting J.

I look at it with wonder and tell myself that they are standing for so many years welcoming every passerby; I am sure they would have welcomed not only students/professors/employees but every single person who have travelled that road. 

I marvel at these trees and feel so proud of them for they do not bother about colour, caste, creed, nationality, gender, religion, size of the person, embracing all they welcome, sway, with no pride and prejudice – no ego problem -thinking I am the tallest, or I have many branches, I am huge and very senior to my neighbors, or I am closer to the intelligent students who study Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, technology etc.

They just silently stand respecting every person who enters the university, no matter what faculty one belongs, they appreciate and give space for parking vehicles, sit in the shade and provide fresh breeze irrespective of all the differences.

Grateful for them to have reminded me – once again in my life, that every person is unique with a great capacity to not only exist but to fulfill the purpose they were created for, and I must learn to accept and love them unconditionally as they stand welcoming every one  without conditions.

Thanking Parul for this series on Tree Love...   Linking this post to Parul’s  Thursday Tree Love  
Thank you for being here, may you be blessed!

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